ok!choir is a mixed voice pop choir of 45 singers.
The choir rehearses weekly and is currently based in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

ok!choir formed in 2018 to give members of the Berlin Pop Choir and the Berlin Pop Ensemble a place where they could continue to sing together after the sad and untimely death of their conductor, Lyndsey Cockwell. Lyndsey instilled in her choirs such a great love of singing, and of the particular community she had built for them to sing in, that many members of the choirs felt that the best way to honour Lyndsey’s memory was to continue to sing together, as she had taught them to do. You can read more about Lyndsey here, learn about her choirs here and here and see some favourite photos of ok!choir members with Lyndsey soon on a dedicated page.

ok!choir continues to practice many of the principles of good choiring that Lyndsey taught. We take music seriously, but ourselves less so. We aim for excellence in singing technique, but not at the expense of a good time. We believe that singing is something anyone can do with a bit of practice, and that making music shouldn’t be restricted to only those with special musical gifts and talents. We love popular music of many styles, and it brings us joy to get to know songs by some of our favourite bands and musicians on a deeper level. We want to share with our audiences the euphoria we feel when we sing together.

ok!choir is currently conducted by musician, researcher and choral director Claire Coleman, who participated in the Berlin Pop Ensemble under Lyndsey’s tutelage. Claire is from Perth, Western Australia, where she was the founding Director of Menagerie Choir and has lived in Berlin since 2015. She also conducts The Dienstag Choir and Mobisong, the company choir of Mobisol solar energy company.

ok!choir is run by a small group of delightful volunteers: Gina Buchwald, Vladislav Nachev, Florian Nims, Jon Pennant-Williams, Wolfgang Schuler and Irene Wienke. Our website was made just for us by the inimitable Christopher Rieke.